Best Rowing Machine 2021

Have you ever heard of rowing? It usually takes place around a water body as it is a sport where you propel a boat over a lake or an ocean. This is an extremely popular sport that is enjoyed by many and has been there for centuries. But have you ever thought of it as a full-body workout? Now that’s an interesting thought! Just think about it, you get home from work, get done with house chores and now you’re looking for a way to work out even though you’re too lazy to go to the gym. What is the one thing that will give you all you need just by staying at home? You got that right! It’s a rowing machine.

This machine simplifies all your needs and brings you the ultimate solution for it all. A rowing machine is gym equipment that can be used at home as well. It is a full-fledged body workout where it engages all the muscles of your body in one task. When you’re body pushes towards the task, keeping your fitness goal in mind, all your muscles concentrate at one point which gives you the best results you could ever ask for. It builds up your stamina and strengthens you for more. However, you need to choose a fitness routine for that and be consistent with it. If you do all this, you will achieve your goal in no time.

After you’ve set your goals and assembled the rower correctly, you need to know the right way to use it. If you do not follow the right instructions to work a rowing machine then you might be at risk of injuring yourself. As a rower is extremely good for your posture, you need to make sure you’re sitting upright and not putting pressure over your shoulders. Next, when you pull the handles, you grip them tightly and move them by keeping your arms below your chin. The arms need to stay chest level for a fully effective stroking exercise. Your needs don’t need to be bent, you should make sure that your knees are straight and proper so that you’re pushing your thighs and knees to work as well. Last and the most important thing you need you to do is strap your feet tightly so that you don’t attain any kind of injuries during the workout. It is highly important to choose a rowing machine that safe and secure to exercise

Factors you need to consider before buying the best rowing machine in 2021

Buying a rowing machine isn’t an easy business, if you’re that serious about maintaining a heavy-duty workout then you need to keep several things in mind. Rowing machines give room to multiple possibilities. But without thorough consideration and a little carelessness can cost you a whole more. Therefore you must keep all these factors in mind before making any decision.

Your goals

The first thing you need to do before even thinking about buying a rowing machine is to question yourself why you’re buying this workout machine?. Is it because you want to enhance certain muscles of your body or because you want to achieve a full-fledge workout body. Well if that’s the case then you need to check out rowing machines that are made for such purposes. Taking an example of a hydraulic rowing machine, this is solely made for toning muscles which are possible through its option of having a different number of muscles. Along with this, there are rowing machines with present presetting options for adjustments in new workout goals.

However, you need to make sure you are following the weight range recommended by the producers. Since not following the rules will lead to consequences and believe me, they won’t be pretty. No rowing machine will be able to hold the weight of a person whose weight exceeds the range. This might damage the machine beyond repair.


The key to buying the best product you’ll ever come across is not overlooking the features provided by the manufacturers. It is extremely important for you to do a thorough scan of the product before buying it. You need to make sure that the features; seat, footplates, and handlebar fit and comfortable to your liking. Check whether the seats and handlebars are padded to make the whole workout a comfortable one. Do the swivel plates swivel around ideally to your liking.

There are certain aspects of riding a rowing machine, if you don’t buy one that is heavy and has wheels on it then you might be at risk of hurting your back. The height of the seat is another important feature that needs to be considered. If the height isn’t compatible with yours then you won’t be able to fit in.


Several brands are featuring innovative rowing machines with advanced technologies. You might want to consider looking for brands that have a long-lasting reputation. You will not regret choosing them if you look into their products and examine the features along with their warranty. But you need to contemplate the product before making any decision and not sway your decision just because of the brand name.

These are all the factors one must look into before buying a rowing machine. Here, we have the 12 best rowing machines made for your full body at-home workout session:

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor

Tired of going to the gym even if you have a busy schedule but still looking for a way to stay fit with all that’s going on in life? This Concept2 rowing machine will fulfill whatever workout you need to have. Its convenient design not only has the ability to provide a smooth full-body workout but can also be divided into two parts to ensure portability.

Not to mention, it is manufactured by a brand well-known for its expertise in machinery which gives it more power in favor of this rowing machine. Its long-lasting abilities with a 14-inch seat and the rowing chain made up of nickel makes it a unique and essential investment.

 Key Features: 

  • The machine has a PM5 performance monitor for your workout assessment.
  • The monitor arm can be adjusted to your needs.
  • It is a quiet machine as it has a fan manufactured for sound resistance.
  • The footrests are flexible made with nylon straps.
  • There is a lock framed during the exercise for quick release.


  • The rowing machine is long-lasting.
  • The machine works smoothly and can be fit any user.
  • It can be easily set up and takes very little time to pack it up.
  • Since the product is extremely famous, it is very easy to find its parts.
  • The company provides a great warranty.
  • It has everything therefore it is the overall best one.


  • The machine is 8 ft long so it will take up a lot of space.
  • The seat might be uncomfortable for some and becomes hard after using it for years.
  • The handle may not be as comfortable for some people.


2. Women’s Health/Men’s Health Bluetooth Rower

If you want a full-body workout session without worrying about going to the gym, then this rowing machine is the right choice for you. With a smooth and quiet working, this in-home work machine will be a therapeutic experience that you’ll never grow tired of. This machine measures each one of your working muscles, toning them in the process, and giving you an assessment of your actions.

It will assess your ability to pull, the distance you’re covering and the resistance level you are actually at. This one machine will make your fitness routine so easy that you won’t even have to look for another workout session.

 Key Features: 

  • The wheeling exercise runs smoothly, giving you the resistance you need for a full-body workout.
  • There are 14 levels of a resistance scale, the lowest mark is for beginners while the highest one competes with athletes.
  • The smart power technology in the rowing machine assesses resistance, watts, calories, the length of pull, flywheel RPM, and the distance covered with a 3 method process.
  • The machine consists of a fitness app that tracks your sessions.
  • The machine will work on individuals with 4’9-6’6 height as the weight of it is 250 lbs weight capacity.


  • The machines work well for people of every kind of physique.
  • It provides you with a free 30-day trial.
  • The product generates new lesson videos to give you something new to look for.
  • It has a Bluetooth system.
  • As the machine works smoothly, it doesn’t waste your time by lagging.
  • The whole package arrives with a mobile holder so that you are updated or entertained as well.


  • It can only hold up people weighing less than 250 lbs.
  • It has a high price range.
  • If you update your machine to the premium level then you’ll have to pay 15 dollars every month.


3. JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

The JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine is an excellent fitness machine, capable of giving effective results with low to average intensity movements. You will achieve toned and bulky muscles in no time if you maintain the workout session.

The machine consists of 10 levels of resistance with comfortably padded machines and smoothly working footplates. This machine will develop your stamina to exercise and lose weight.

 Key Features: 

  • The machine is manufactured with an aluminum flywheel and slide rail, with a magnetic resistance system. This gives you a smooth quiet ride with no disturbances whatsoever.
  • The machine can be kept in a standing position while it occupies 0.15 square meters of space.
  • The machine has non-slip paddles that can be adjusted according to your feet.
  • It has a digital monitor that counts calories, counts in general, and keeps track of the time. It also provides the user with a sort of entertainment.


  • Does not take up much space.
  • Some stabilizers can be adjusted present over the rear base.
  • The seats are very comfy as they are padded and contoured for your convenience.
  • The machine has a bottle and tablet holder so that you are extremely comfortable.
  • There is a mute system that can control the sounds coming out of the machine.


  • The meter present over the machine does not have any backlight.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Incline Full Motion Rowing Machine Rower 

Sunny health and fitness have manufactured a rowing machine that aspires you to stay fit and strong all the while motivating you to be the best. It builds stamina within you to keep up with your daily workout. The machine is extremely convenient to work and has a padded seat for comfort. It can take up to 350 lbs of weight and has an aluminum-made slide rail that is 40 inches long. This gives the whole workout a full excess to your quad calve and muscles.

It not only affects your lower body but fully engages your upper body by holding your handlebars and propelling yourself to push towards the edge. This forces your body to have a full-fledged body workout.

 Key Features: 

  • The aluminum rail makes an incline motion with your body so that you have got the whole smooth ab and leg workout.
  • This rower has a special ability to have non-slip grip handlebars which adds a full arm motion to the workout.
  • It consists of 5 incline levels that provide an incredible amount of motion to your quad and leg muscles.
  • It has a digital monitor that not only assesses and keeps count of your calories and the time but is also a source of entertainment during the workout.
  • The rower has large straps over the pedals so that you don’t slip, this makes the whole machine comfortable and safe.


  • It has a whole digital tracking system that is extremely convenient for the client.
  • It can take up to 350 lbs weight which is more than most rowers have recommended.
  • The machine has dual handles that can be used individually.


  • The incline feature doesn’t work when the seat is pushed to its lowest level.
  • The seat might be small for some people.


5. XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower

If you are on a budget and looking for a rower that can give you all the basic details then look no further, XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding rower will give you all of it at a very affordable price. It has a comfortably padded seat, wide footrests, and handles that you can easily grip.

Since the machine has a magnetic resistant pull, it works very quietly. There are 8 levels of resistance that can be adjusted through the knob at the central console under the seat.

 Key Features: 

  • The design is closely packed which makes it easy to carry or stored around the house.
  • The aluminum slide rails are dual in motion and provide smooth and easy movements.
  • The machine consists of a 3.7 inch LCD that displays all the details of your workout which include the time, calories, count, and stroke count.
  • The rower has magnetic resistance with 8 levels.


  • The rowing machine is long-lasting.
  • The machine works smoothly and can be fit any user.
  • It can be easily set up and takes very little time to pack it up.
  • Since the product is extremely famous, it is very easy to find its parts.
  • The company provides a great warranty.
  • It has everything therefore it is the overall best one.


  • As the weight recommended is 250 lbs, the machine is not for heavy users.
  • If we compare it with hydraulic rowers, this isn’t as compact.

6. SereneLife Rowing Machine

This is a recently released model of rowing machines made with a steel metal alloy and ABS plastic. It can be folded so that it doesn’t take up much space, and has a magnetic resistance system that engages all your muscles to push through the resistance. This way you get a workout that polishes your muscles, making them toned and brawny.

The whole exercise has a very average intensity which makes it possible to achieve your goal. This rowing machine reliable and has an extremely sturdy and long-lasting quality to it.

 Key Features: 

  • The machine is manufactured with air and magnetic resistance display that engages all of the muscles of your body.
  • The machine is ideally made to polish athletes for sports training, fat burning, cardio, and other weight loss activities.
  • The recommended weight is 250 lbs which shows that it is sturdy enough for people of all sizes. It has a long-lasting effect on the quality as well.
  • As there are 8 levels of resistance, you can adjust the level to your fitness needs.
  • The machine has a one-year warranty.


  • It is appropriate for each and every kind of workout goal.
  • The machine will track all your fitness levels to ensure your progress.
  • It is made up of a very strong material .i.e. steel alloy.
  • The machine can be used for lowkey exercising as well as gymming purposes.


  • It takes some space.


7. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine Rower

This is a full-moving rowing machine that gives you the experience of realistic reeling. This rower is suitable for people who have been through some injury or are just beginners. It will give the leeway to prepare your body for a fitness routine. The seat is comfy and fit, handlebars have a firm grip while the footrests hold your legs incredibly well.

It is best for individuals who are on a budget and need to prim your body towards a workout.

 Key Features: 

  • It can take up to 350 lbs of weight.
  • The machine has 12 levels of resistance and has a digital LCD to keep track of your calories, time, display scan.
  • It has a whole arm motion movement which is a full workout of your shoulders.
  • The seats are padded and the footrests have straps for safety.


  • The machine has 12 resistance levels.
  • The full-motion arms engage your shoulders on another level.
  • The machine was made keeping in mind your comfort and safety.
  • The LCD tracks all your fitness details.
  • The machine requires an assemble after purchase.
  • 8. Marcy Foldable 8-Level Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

    Marcy is an incredibly reliable brand for fitness that has manufactured this machine for people who are on a budget. It might not have all the fancy details that present in other modern rowers but can get the job done extremely well. It has a great way of folding which makes it easy to carry around or keep in storage.

    It is traditionally made with all the right requirements that are needed in a rower.

     Key Features: 

    • The seat is well covered and padded making them comfy.
    • The foot pedals are incredibly well adjusted with foot straps to secure your footing.
    • The LCD monitor tracks all your workout details.
    • It has 8 levels of resistance which can be adjusted to your needs.
    • The transport wheels will help move the machine anywhere you want.
    • The handlebars are covered with foam for soft gripping.


    • Affordable price
    • There are 8 levels of resistance.
    • Can easily be stored and maneuvered.
    • The recommended weight for the machine is up to 300 lbs.
    • The warranty is also impressive.


    • It has a very standard monitor.
    • Athletes or experts will experience light resistance.
    • The setting up process might be a little complicated for some.

    9. Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine

    This Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style rowing machine has one of the most unique styles ever. Although the machine is exactly like others, it has a realistic action that might differentiate it from others. The rower works hydraulically, using the piston present on the oars to adjust the collars for a smooth ride. This way the machine provides a full workout by resisting your movements and engaging your muscles to their highest extent.

    In addition to this, the rower has a 12 level resistance system. It can be easily folded up as it has a very compact structure due to which takes up less space.

     Key Features: 

    • The machine has an LCD digital display that works well with the measuring of time, energy, distance covered, etc.
    • As it is a hydraulic rower, there are pistons that provide resistance by adjusting the levels through the knobs over them.
    • There are 12 resistance levels that can be adjusted to your needs and the intensity of your workout.
    • The footplates provide a longitudinal motion having a frame of carbon steel which makes it long-lasting.


    • The company has provided a lifetime warranty for the frame of the machine.
    • It is safe and secure.
    • The machine operates quietly.
    • The seat is extremely comfortable and long, which makes it suitable for tall people as well.


    • The machine doesn’t have wheels for transport.
    • It can be hard for some people who set it up.

    10. Life Fitness Row HX Trainer

    Life Fitness is an extremely reliable brand as it has been in the market for far longer than most fitness brands. It has manufactured this rower typically with 4 levels of resistance which might not be enough for some but has an incredible quality that you won’t regret investing in.

    The rower can be stood up after use due to which it doesn’t take up much space. It is also sturdy and durable. Due to which it will last long.

     Key Features: 

    • The machine is manufactured with wood and tempered steel which makes it strong as well as stylish.
    • The machine is easy to maneuver and has 4 resistance levels.
    • It has fluid resistance technology that gives off smooth and consistent resistance throughout the process.
    • It can be easily moved and stored as it doesn’t take up much space.


    • Can be stored anywhere as it is 7 ft long.
    • The price is great.
    • The deliverance of resistance is impressive.


    • It doesn’t have any programs or apps.

    Buying guide for Best Rowing Machine 2021

    There is an enormous amount of rowing machines in the market, most of them coming from well-known reliable brands. It might be frustrating for you to choose a brand and a rower that can fulfill all your needs keeping in mind all the factors all that you might come across along the way. A rowing machine is one of the most effective gymming equipment of all time. It has the ability to engage all your muscles into one workout and deliver you sharp results without getting help from other equipment.

    This is the reason behind the high demand for rowing machines. Before even considering the top rowing machines in the market, you first need to contemplate all the factors that will come up while you’re shopping for a rowing machine. Here, we have details related to all these factors:


    The market consists of all kinds of rowing machines, you need to choose the best one that suits you. All rowing machines produce different types of resistance, you need to contemplate what kind of resistance you are comfortable with. They use different things to provide resistance during the workout. For example, a flywheel or air rowing machine uses air as a resistance, the intensity of the resistance depends on the rowing machine as each rower has different levels of resistance. It also has an outdoor feel when you maneuver the equipment. It provides you more resistance when you increase the speed.

    The hydraulic rower is another type of rowing machine either uses air or fluid for resistance. It traps air/fluid into a piston or a cylinder and creates tension by compressing it. This way you can adjust the resistance level and maneuver the machine around. The magnetic resistance indoor rower is a type of rowing machine that uses a magnet for resistance. It is quite expensive but is a good investment as it works smoothly and quietly.

    All of these types of rowers work well but if you’re on a budget then the best one for you is the hydraulic rower as it is extremely affordable and has a close-packed shape which makes it easy to store.


    Space is another factor you need to consider before buying a rower. You might want to be aware of the space that you’re going to use for your workout. Space should be big enough to fit a rowing machine and has to be somewhere you can meditate and achieve peace of mind. A rower technically takes more space than any other gym equipment which needs to be looked into.

    In order to see whether the rower you’re about to buy fits into your workout space, you should take measurements and then compare them to these rowers.


    Some rowers need a lot of guidance to be set up, a lot of the time it becomes frustrating to maneuver the parts. This is something that you might overlook but need to acknowledge as it might lead you to waste all your money on something that you don’t even know how to assemble.


    Scan the whole machine and see whether it is made with the right material or not. It is important to buy a rower that lasts for a long time and has the durability that speaks quality. The machine should be made with a sturdy material that is strong and smooth to the touch. If you’re looking for a rower that will be used by more than one person you should check if the seat is adjustable so that it is suitable for people of every size.


    It is completely up to you whether you want a rowing machine with a monitor device or one that is without a monitor. A monitor attached to the rower is a simple tracker that keeps up with your whole fitness routine. It is an advanced technology that isn’t a necessity but can benefit you in a lot of ways. If you believe that you will use such features then you are more than welcome to buy it.


    Price is a very obvious factor that you come across when you’re buying something. If you are on a budget then you need to look into rowing machines that are best sellers but are affordable as well. A search through the internet might give all the details that match your needs. This way you won’t have to waste your time looking for the right piece. This is the easiest way of shopping for a rowing machine.